I Need AML Compliance Services

I need an AML audit

You are required by law to conduct a compliance effectiveness review of your program at least once every two years.  We can typically conduct an exam with a three-week turnaround (one week in an emergency), that meets the expectations of FINTRAC, your Financial institution, and prepares you for your next examination.

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I need to fix my Compliance Program or my Files

Did you know that there are 38 ways to get a client file wrong, and a maximum penalty of $1,000 can apply to each one?  We can quickly fix your personal and business files to relieve that risk.

When FINTRAC, OSFI or an audit requires your to make changes to a policy, procedure or training program, you need an experienced compliance professional to bring your documents up to spec, while keeping your business objectives a priority.

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I'm a Government that Needs Help Preparing for a Financial Action Task Force Review

The FATF is coming, and you need an experienced professional to conduct a self-assessment and remedial action plan to meet their legacy and new expectations. Our team has assisted the governments of Panama, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and the republic of the Marshall Islands to develop their national financial crime deterrence programs, and provided support to industry associations in the Bahamas and the Cayman islands.

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O U T S O U R C E D   A M L

You need to take care of business, so let us take care of compliance

Regulators, financial service partners and investors demand that your Fintech integrate compliance with anti-money laundering, counter terrorist financing, sanctions, privacy and consumer protection into your systems and practices.    The AML Shop’s outsourced Chief Compliance Officer service for FinTechs pairs you with a veteran compliance professional with many letters and a love for reducing compliance friction – for just the amount of time you need to get your program set and impress your investors.  Email us at to find out more.