marcelle dadoun - BIO

Marcelle is an AML Advisor with The AML Shop and brings decades of experience in the banking industry. Her expertise is in the development of customized programs that meet regulatory and third party requirements as well as risk mitigation strategies and training.

She oversees the management of program development in industries such as fintechs, credit unions, MSBs, crypto-currency, FX dealers, securities, financial institutions and real estate. Her vast knowledge extends to financial partner requirements and helps businesses to ready themselves from a compliance standpoint, for banking relationships. 

Marcelle has expertise in dealing with regulators, internal auditors, suspicious transaction reporting and global reporting. Marcelle attended Osgoode Hall Law School at York University for Regulatory Compliance and Legal Risk Management for Financial Institutions and holds her CAMS certification through ACAMS.

Marcelle participated in various Canadian Bankers Association AML committees and

sub-committees as well as in industry committees like the Small Banking Forum and the Foreign Bank Branch Compliance Forum.