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WEBINAR-Solving the Fintech Growth Puzzle: Lessons Learned From eCommerce & Mobile Gaming

The AML Shop is pleased to have Justin Adler join us for this webinar. As the Head of Operations at Ferst Digital, Canada's first API-enabled banking platform, Justin will share lessons learned, best growth channels along with metrics and tactics that can be applied to FinTech.

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Building in the FinTech space is uniquely hard work, beyond earning marketplace trust and dealing with regulators your company will also need to find customers. Given the unique nature of the industry, there are tactics your company can use to scale at every stage: pre-product, beta, launch, and post-launch. For example, how do you find the right audience within your budget and how do you measure what’s working (and what isn’t)? To gain insight into most impactful ways to grow, it’s imperative to learn from the two industries that have the most mature and innovative growth methods: eCommerce and Mobile Gaming. This talk will give you a playbook detailing the best growth channels, metrics and tactics that eCommerce and Mobile Gaming companies have used, and how to apply them to FinTech.

Hosted by Justin Alder

Justin is Head of Operations at Ferst Digital, Canada's first API-enabled banking platform for businesses. He has led the company’s growth initiatives which have yielded consistent 10% week-over-week growth.

He has a background in senior growth and product positions at Frank & Oak where he was part of the brand’s foundational team, at SourceKnowledge where he created AdTech solutions used by brands like Trivago, SAP, BMO, Remax, as well as MachineZone, and at Keeward Ventures consulting for a portfolio of eCommerce and SaaS companies across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Justin’s work has been featured in TechCrunch, Fast Company, VentureBeat, AdAge, Billboard Magazine, and at SXSW Interactive. Follow him on Twitter @thejustinadler.

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